Your solution for collection services

At GRC we provide strategic and focused debt collection services to help improve our clients’ bottom line. Our unique characteristics combine to create a concentrated, full-service collection effort.

GRC offers a full-service collection effort, which includes:

  • • Specialized collection divisions dedicated solely to the    collection of specific debt types
  • • State-of-the-art collection technology
  • • A proprietary approach to skip-tracing, customized to    generate maximum leads in the least amount of time
  • • Multiple debtor payment options
  • • A single client services representative assigned to each    client, teamed with a regional Sales Executive, who both    become familiar our clients’ portfolio and needs
  • • Website access for our clients to review online account    information and reports
  • Federal Perkins Loan Program

    GRC is one of the most experienced education-based debt collection agencies in the nation. As a result, we understand the importance of cohort default rates, which can impact a school’s participation in Department of Education Title IV programs. Our collection unit specializes in lowering default rates, in fact this specialized team hand-picked by our management understands deferments, forbearances, and the need to get the borrower out of default.

    Family Federal Education Loan Program

    GRC has more than 3 decades of experience supporting the higher education industry. This includes our success in collection FFELP portfolios.

    Institutional Loan and Tuition Receivables

    GRC currently contracts with colleges and Universities with portfolios of all sizes, located across the United States to collect on their accounts receivables and tuition portfolios. Our collection methodology allows us to align resources at the correct size and scope giving us unique opportunities to serve all levels of receivables.

    Specialized Loan Programs

    GRC has experience in collecting on specialized loans such as Nursing Student Loan (NSL) Program, Health Professional Student Loans (HPSL), and Parent Plus Loans (PLUS). GRC employs sophisticated portfolio analysis strategies and effective negotiation techniques in order to develop long term payment solutions with borrowers.

    Miscellaneous Accounts Receivables and Fees

    GRC has the scalability to successfully collect on different size receivables such as school fees. We can do this while ensuring the utmost respect for the relationship between the client and their borrowers. We understand the critical nature and importance of recovering every dollar on your behalf and will work diligently to resolve all accounts placed with us regardless of the age or size of the debt.

    New York City Consumers

    General Revenue Corporation offers New York City (NYC) consumers the option to speak with a General Revenue Corporation representative in conjunction with a representative from Language Line Solutions in most any language that is their primary preference, e.g. Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, etc. Additionally, on the NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection website,, there are helpful tips in multiple languages to assist NYC consumers in understanding the credit and debt community.